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Letter of Apology to All Cigarette Smokers

(A Response to a Letter by Joe C.)


Dear Joe,

There is a big misunderstanding there. You and all cigarette smokers of the world are our friends. Your very identity has been attacked as that of hookah users’. Our (old) site [The Sacred Narghile] is far from being PERFECT. Undoubtedly, there may be still some old stuff there that we need to take out. Keep in mind that, from the beginning to date, we have been completely ALONE in the world to fight the powerful anti-tobacco industry “science” (dozens of "studies" now and almost no one (apart from ours') to criticize them) about hookah smoking .

At least, you, as an Anti anti-cigarette smoker, have millions of friends and thousands of organizations over the world, not to mention the Tobacco Industry itself (with all its powerful science even if it keeps silent further to the anti-tobacco Litigation of the past decade).

6 years back or so, they launched violent attacks (in the media and the biomedical press) targeting the hookah and its users with “chainsaw” equations like like 1 Hookah = 200 cigarettes. No cigarette smokers’ rights organization or even the Tobacco Industry reacted to this “peer-reviewed” and “good” “science” . We decided we had to. So, we responded, point-by-point, to this propaganda and sometimes, as them, arithmetically. We realized later that we may have hurt (by “collateral damage”) cigarette smokers when stating, for instance, that cigarettes are more hazardous than hookah.

The question is not there, we do agree with you. The question is that of human and civil liberties (Forces). For instance, when we counterattacked the huge fraud over hookah "Passive Smoking", we first recalled how that related to cigarettes  has been inflated and caricaturised (Word document) by the Anti-Tobacco industry. To support this statement, we cited Pr James E., Pr Michael S. and other independent researchers' studies.

Be assured that we don’t want to divide. We are WITH you. The reverse is true. Please tell us in which passages (or on which pages exactly)  there are unfriendly references to cigarette smokers. The page you refer to contains no such material.

We will correct them as soon as possible. UNITED we must stand against Prohibition (Watch Forces' Round Table: Rebellion: Reality or Illusion ?).

Thank you for your understanding and your help. And, once again Joe, please accept our deepest apologies.

The Sacred Narghile

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From: Joe C. < [undisclosed] >
To: sacrednarghile[a]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 6:04 PM
Subject: friendship

 I've been working, for quite some time, on an "anti-anti-smoking" essay.  It's a fascinating experience, as you obviously know...

I arrived at your site, after spending quite a bit of time at the Tobacco Timeline, and at a site describing the Sacred Origins of Tobacco.  Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

I assumed, when I first gazed delightedly at your front page, that I'd found some "new friends."

I quickly observed, however, that you've placed me and millions like me in roughly the same place as the anti-smokers place me.  You've danced to their tune and decided that cigarette smokers are "lesser beings," from  whom you must spend quite a bit of time and energy distancing yourselves - - -

Well, divide and conquer.  That's the way it works and, no doubt about it - it works.

Even when we're all angry at "the Massa," we can't help but think exactly as he does.


Good luck with your sacredness.

- joe c[……..]